With insurance being one of the biggest factors in the success of an investing career, it is often overlooked by investors and landlords. ¬ If a disaster were to occur, and the property were to be substantially damaged, investors or owners of the property may be financially devastated, resulting in possibilities such as loss of income or even loss of property.

Here, at The Sanford Group, we have an insurance option that provides a safety net for both you and your property. Hail, fire and lightning, smoke, weather conditions, sewer backup, and more are insurable disasters under our property insurance coverage. As compared to others agencies, The Sanford Group can insure more the five properties.

As an owner of a property, you’ll most likely want to be prepared for such sporadic activity, especially if your property supplies a source of income for you and your family. Our insurance provides coverage for your properties, protecting it from other calamities like vehicle collisions, windstorm, theft, and even a rarity such as volcanic eruptions.

If you and your family are the tenants residing in the property, this insurance option stabilizes your living situation, ensuring protection from uncontrollable circumstances. It guards your family from potential heavy damage in the property, which can be costly to fix, or even loss of the property. With property insurance coverage, you can live knowing that this security is provided to you.

Being a landlord and renting the property can deliver a great source of income. Though, it can be a financial hazard if your property is not covered by insurance. In addition to your tenants needing rental insurance, you, as the landlord, need to be able to provide coverage for your property against irrepressible accidents. Again, this stabilizes living conditions for your tenants and protects you from potential unrepairable damage or loss of property.

Whether you are the tenant or the landlord, you can never have too much protection. Property insurance provided by The Sanford Group can give you peace of mind and coverage you can count on.

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