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Home and Auto Insurance for Canton, GA

Also Serving the Atlanta Area

Did you know that you can save when you combine home and auto insurance? At the Sanford Group, we are committed to providing you the best coverage for the best price. One way to do that is through combined home and auto coverage. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help you save on your Canton, GA, home and car.

The Benefits of Combined Coverage

When you decide to combine your home and auto insurance, you can receive a lot of perks. Some of them include:

  • Single deductibles: This applies if both your car and home are damaged at the same time. You only pay one payment that goes toward or meets your deductible, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Emergency lockout assistance: Stuck outside of your car or home? We can help. We’ll come to you and get you back inside so you’re not stuck waiting.
  • Accidental death benefits: Give your family the protection they need to move forward if you pass away in an accident. Accidents can take many forms, so speak to us today about what we cover.
  • Airbag replacement from accidental deployment: If you have faulty airbags that accidentally deployed, we can replace them for little to no cost.

Besides these, you always get 24/7 service, quality insurance protection, and combined coverage discounts.

The Qualities of Our Experienced Insurance Company

The Sanford Group is dedicated to providing you quality service no matter what. By customizing your policy to your needs and offering 24/7 customer service, we want to ensure you are completely satisfied. We’ve helped Canton, GA, residents with home and auto insurance since 1999, and we want to serve you too.

Please call us at 678-454-0661 if you have any questions, or get an online quote. We look forward to speaking with you soon.